Pass Protection Plan:

No deferral/refund will be issued without purchase of a pass protection plan.

Marble Mountain offers protection for your investment in a season pass. For just $40/person or $120/family season pass you can insure your pass will be deferred/refunded (pro rated until predicted end of season date) if you are unable to ski by reason of injury, illness, or unexpected job relocation. Injury and illnesses would need to be confirmed medically and job transfers would be only valid outside of Newfoundland. Coverage begins when you purchase your pass.

  1. An injury, Illness or other certified medical condition prevents the rider from participating in the sport.
  2. The rider is relocated outside a reasonable radius of Marble Mountain as a result of a job transfer outside of Newfoundland

Amount of Deferral/Refund:

Should the rider become incapable of riding at Marble Mountain before the season begins, the full pass will be deferred/refunded. Once the pass has been issued and the season begins, deferrals/refunds will be prorated depending on when the issue occurred.


***Pass Protection must be purchased at the same time as your pass.***

– Receipt must be shown to claim pass protection

–The period of non-participation must be at least 30 days.​

– Claim must be made within 30 days of injury, illness or employment relocation and the pass must be surrendered immediately.​

– Pass Protection does not cover incapacitation caused or contributed by intentional self injury.

How to make a Claim

  1. Present your claim at the ski area within 30 days.​
  2. You are required to present:​
  3. season pass​
  4. a report/notification from your doctor,  complete with date on which the medical condition

preclude skiing and prognosis.​

Or in the event of job relocation, a letter from your employer will be required.