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The position of Marble Villa Manager on Duty (the “Manager on Duty”) shall commence on the date of the execution of this Agreement and shall continue thereafter for a 8 month term or until termination as provided for in this Agreement. In your capacity as Manager on Duty you shall be responsible for the duties and responsibilities outlined herein. As Manager on Duty, you shall report to the Sales and Accommodation Manager (the “Manager”).

Basic Responsibilities:

The Manager on Duty shall work with the manager to ensure the smooth operation of Marble Villa and to maintain the highest level of customer service to guests who stay at Marble Villa. The duties and responsibilities of the Manager on Duty shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:

  • Guest Services – Helping guests check in, find their room and understand the property.
  • Building Maintenance – Snow clearing and general maintenance
  • Building Security – Monitoring and ensuring safety and security in and around the Marble Villa.
  1. The following compensation shall be consideration for all working hours in satisfaction of the duties in order to satisfy the Resorts business needs.
  2. You and your family shall occupy one unit of private living space at Marble Villa (the “Unit”) rent free during the term of this Agreement; the unit is non-smoking and pets are not permitted. While this unit is provided free of charge, it carries with it a taxable benefit value of $600 / month which will be displayed on your T4 from Marble Mountain Resort.
  3. All hydro, heating, cable TV costs for the Unit shall be provided at no cost to the Manager on Duty;
  4. You will be provided with no more than two parking spaces at Marble Villa for own personal use.
  5. Seasons Pass for Marble Mountain.
  6. Complimentary room nights will be made available to the Manager on Duty’s immediate family only (parents, children, immediate siblings). The Manager on Duty will deliver all reservation particulars, including credit card information for incidentals, to the Manager who will input the reservation on behalf of the Manager on Duty.
  7. Additional room nights for other family members will be 20% off the current posted rate at Marble Villa.

Rotating schedules as agreed upon between the Sales and Accommodation Manager and Managers on Duty. In the event of scheduling changes, please notify the Office – Villa Manager.

Application deadline: May 20th, 2022

Apply by email or in person to Wayne Hicks, Villa Manager

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