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Exit #8, Steady Brook, NL


COVID-19 Procedures

In an effort to provide a safe recreational experience we have implemented new measures andprotocols throughout the Resort.

For the health and safety of fellow guests and staff, please do not visit:

  • If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19. For symptom details visit
  • Have travelled outside of the Atlantic Bubble and returned within the last 14 days. You will not be permitted to visit until you have self-isolated for 14 days
  • If you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone sick or infected with COVID-19

Please, help do your part this season with these suggested best practices:

  • Follow physical distancing guidelines of 2 meters (6 feet)
  • Follow limited occupancy signage posted at entry points and queuing areas
  • Follow direction from staff (if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask)
  • Please practice a direct to lift mindset this season (limit the need to come inside when possible)
  • Use credit/debit/tap options and avoid paying with cash when possible
  • Non-medical masks are mandatory in all public and indoor spaces
  • Keep your hands clean, avoid touching your face and cough into your elbow if required
  • No large groups or crowding inside day-lodge
  • Please be respectful of timelines used for breaks / lunches to allow other users
  • Follow limited capacities signage in washrooms and always wash your hands
  • Masks may be removed inside while in a private bathroom stall or while sitting with the purpose of eating or drinking
  • Don’t be the reason our season gets cut short and let’s keep each other safety in mind!
Are Face Coverings Required?

Yes. Face coverings will be required in every part of our operation, including while loading and riding on chairlifts, inside all buildings, and during all ski and snowboard lessons. Face masks are required in all public spaces.

Do I have to wear a face covering while I’m skiing and snowboarding?

While face coverings are not required during the physical acts of skiing and snowboarding if the guest is maintaining proper physical distance and is not in the vicinity of others, it is recommended guests do so. Otherwise, face coverings are required in every part of our operation, including while loading and riding on chairlifts, inside all buildings, and during all ski and snowboard lessons.

Are you allowing neck gaiters/buffs?

The type of face covering a guest may wear includes a cloth neck gaiter or other type of material that completely covers a person’s mouth and nose. We encourage bringing a second clean gaiter/buff for indoor use.

What about my child age 2 and under – do they need a mask?

In line with local health guidelines, we are asking that children aged 5+ wear face coverings. This is also considered at the parent’s discretion for children under 5.

What are you doing to ensure physical distancing is possible?

We will work to allow for physical distancing throughout our operations to help ensure a safe experience. Chairlifts will only load related parties (families guests skiing and riding together) on chairlifts. Two singles on opposite sides of a four-person lift. We will also manage the number of people coming in and out of our day lodge and rentals. Day Lift ticket users will provide contact info for contact tracing purposes.

What happens if there is a case of COVID-19 confirmed at your resort?

We will continue to work with public health officials to minimize the impact and spread of COVID-19. If there is a case at our resort, or among an employee, we will follow all guidance provided by public health officials. If a guest or employee feels sick, we ask that they remain home.

How are you safely loading chairlifts this winter?

To allow for physical distancing on our chairlifts, we will only be seating related parties (guests skiing or riding together) , single riders will while require a full chair to themselves . This aspect may change as restrictions ease and if possible two singles on opposite sides of the four-pack chair. All guests will be required to wear face coverings while in lift mazes, and while riding the chairlift.

Why can’t we load chairlifts with other parties since it’s outside and we’ll be wearing face coverings?

In the current environment, we do not believe it is appropriate to seat unrelated guests from different parties directly next to each other, given the dynamics during loading and unloading. We believe a conservative approach is the best way to protect our guests.

How are you promoting physical distancing in lift lines?

In addition to the use of markers to help space guests out in lift lines, ski and snowboard equipment will help naturally distance guests while waiting to load the lifts. In addition, guests will be required to wear face coverings at all times while in lift mazes and riding chairlifts.

How do you plan to manage lift lines given your new protocols?

While our lift loading protocols may initially create longer lines at key access points, we believe these protocols are key components to providing a safe experience for our guests and we believe any initial lines will level out as guests spread out across the resort.

Will you be cleaning/disinfecting the lifts between use?

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting will take place daily. All high-touch surfaces will be frequently cleaned and disinfected with EPA-approved products that kill the COVID-19 virus.

Are there time limits for how long your party can use an indoor dining room table?

We will not be enacting exact time limits for dining tables, but we do ask that everyone be considerate of the time they spend at an indoor table. If the restaurant is at capacity, we would like guests to leave their table when they are finished actively dining to give waiting guests an opportunity to dine. Croc-pots and Coolers are strictly prohibited at this time.

Will the full-service Knotty Pine Lounge bar still be open?

Full-service bars will not be open at our resorts this winter. We will still sell packaged beer, wine and spirits. We do not believe a traditional bar setting, is safe during this pandemic.

Can you bring your own food into the lodges and use a table?

We encourage guests to bring water, snacks and other food with them on the mountain to ensure they stay hydrated. Guests will be able to bring their own food into our lodges this season. Unfortunately, microwave services are unavailable at this time.

Will guests have access to lockers / changing rooms?

We will be offering limited access to lockers and changing rooms this season. Patrons will be asked to monitor and respect the capacity of the locker room on their own.

SNOWLINE 709-637-SNOW (7669)